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Grosche - Copenhagen Double Wall Glass Tea Infuser Bottle


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Product Features:

  • Features: BPA- free, food-grade safe reusable glass water infuser bottle
  • Double walled glass, heat treated and annealed, borosilicate glass. 
  • Capacity: 425 ml/ 14.3 fl. Oz
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Hand-wash only
  • Material: Borosilicate glass bottle, bamboo lid, 18/8 stainless steel tea infuser, stainless steel cover plate inside lid

COPENHAGEN double walled glass tea Infuser bottle

The Copenhagen tea infuser bottle is an all glass bottle with an included tea and fruit infuser. It has a natural bamboo lid. It includes a protective carrying and insulating neoprene sleeve, and a stainless steel tea or fruit infuser. It comes in a gift tube packaging.

Double Walled glass insulated tea infuser bottle

The Copenhagen is a double walled borosilicate glass bottle. What makes our bottle better than others is that our glass is thicker and stronger than other bottles sold in the market today. To keep the highest quality glass we go further and heat treat our glass bottles in a process called annealing. In annealing the bottle is heated to high temperatures, and allowed to cool in an oven over time. This releases any stresses in the glass from the bottle making process. The glass becomes more shock resistant.  Although this is still glass and as such it is still breakable, the Copenhagen is the most durable bottle of its kind you can buy in the market today. 

A Multi-Function Stainless Steel tea Infuser is included

There is an included stainless steel infuser. It consists of two parts. The long infuser detaches from the basket infuser. The longer basket infuser is used for steeping loose leaf tea while the smaller infuser keeps fruit, tea bags etc. from passing through into your mouth. Or, you can remove the strainer and it becomes a insulated double walled glass water bottle. 

It also includes a protective and insulating neoprene sleeve

The GROSCHE Copenhagen tea infuser water bottle comes with a neoprene sleeve. The sleeve protects the bottle and helps it to stay warm even longer. The sleeve is washable. It will help to protect the bottle against accidental knocks and help to maintain the temperature of your drink further. On average the double walled glass and your sleeve should keep your drink hot or cold around three to four times as long as s single walled glass bottle. 

Easy sipping wide mouth stainless steel tea bottle with infuser

The bottle comes with a two part tea infuser. The two parts separate and you can add loose leaf tea or fruits into the bottom tea infuser. There is ample space there to hold your tea or fruit for a full infusion. The infuser is laser etched so it has a very fine pores and holds your tea leaves back.Since it is a fine laser etched infuser you can use it with all kinds of loose leaf teas and fruits as well. It is made of high grade 18-8 Stainless Steel and will not rust.  

The bottle itself has a wide mouth for easy drinking. It feels smooth on the lips when you drink from it, and he wide mouth means its easy to clean with a simple bottle brush and some dish soap. 

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