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Grosche - Fresno Double Walled Glass Mugs W/Handle


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Fresno Double Walled Glass Cups

The Fresno Double Walled Cups are a classic design. They are perfect for hot drinks like coffee or tea and also for cold drinks including alcoholic beverages or juices. They come in a set of 2 cups in each box. Use them for coffee cups, tea cups, or for cold beverages as well. These cups have handles for a comfortable grip.

What exactly are Double Walled Cups?

Double walled glass cups are a custom handmade type of glassware. Artisan glass blowers make two mouth blown glass cups. They join them with heat to make the double walled glass cup. Each cup is literally made out of two hand made and mouth blown glass cups.

What are the benefits of double walled cups?

These cups insulate your drinks, and your hands as well. On average a drink will stay warm about twice as long in this kind of cup than in an regular single walled cup. You will not get condensation on the outside when you're enjoying a cold beverage, leaving you no drips on your tabletop. No more coasters needed.

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