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Monin® - Jalapeno Concentrated Flavouring 375ML


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Versatile and Delicious

Add this concentrate to lemonades, margaritas, or Bloody Marys to add a simple, authentic flavor to your drinks without making them too sweet. You can even use this concentrate in sauces, marinades, and on wings to bring new, exciting flavors to your menu!

Monin Jalapeño Concentrated flavour adds spicy natural, authentic jalapeño flavour without sweeteners or artificial ingredients to a variety of beverage and culinary creations, from margaritas and lemonades to zesty spreads and marinades.

Add flavourful heat to everything from a Jalapeño Infused Martini to a cream cheese dip with an extra kick. Try our zesty Jalapeño Concentrated Flavour today.

Add just 3 to 6 mL of this super concentrated all-natural flavor to each beverage or recipe serving. It is highly recommended to use the Monin 3 mL pump, exclusively designed to fit this bottle, to accurately portion and dispense this concentrate as each serving only requires one or two pumps. Each bottle can make up to 125 drinks when used with a pump.

Ingredient and nutritional information are updated continually and online information may differ from the actual product received. Although Monin strives to keep everything as up-to-date as possible, always check the physical label to verify nutritional information for the actual product you have received.


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